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Friday, April 18, 2014
EDITOR: Tony Cardy
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Click here to read the full Issue 64 onlineOur vision
Owen Horton is angry. He sees the greed, connivance and treachery of successive governments towards its citizens. His vision is that the power to change the system is within
the province of any democratic State. What is required, he says in his article, is a system of monetary reform and policies that Democrats for Social Credit has advocated for

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We Hold These Truths

In his book Straight from the Shoulder, John Kennedy, the late editor of the Catholic publication The Tablet said: “It is a fundamental principle of Catholic social teaching that economic institutions and systems must be seen in relationship to man and his eternal end.”


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A brighter future

In this issue the Democrats for Social Credit leadership team speaks out.

Leader Stephnie de Ruyter says the Government’s promise of a ‘brighter future’ can only be achieved by replacing the present ‘creaking economic system’ with a new model. Neither of today’s major parties have the answer (a case of the bland leading the bland?).


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