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Sunday, August 30, 2015
EDITOR: Tony Cardy
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 The Guardian Political Review is New Zealand's foremost political magazine, specialising in the monetary reform question. It has a world-wide distribution and contains articles from experts in taxation, water purification, health, housing affordability, international energy situations and other current issues not prominently featured elsewhere. 

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Everything old is new again

The current upheaval in the European and world monetary system is described by the UK Guardian newspaper as “a kind of financial warfare not seen in the history of modern states”.

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Something to celebrate!

This Diamond Anniversary issue celebrates sixty years of political action and achievement. It also pays tribute to the willing workers who, over decades, have sacrificed time, effort, money and family to build the base for those successes.

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Our Vision

Owen Horton is angry. He sees the greed, connivance and treachery of successive governments towards its citizens. His vision is that the power to change the system is within the province of any democratic State. What is required, he says in his article, is a system of monetary reform and policies that Democrats for Social Credit has advocated for years.



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